Coach to Lead™

Great companies look at leadership pipeline development as the most crucial element of their talent management process. Many now adopt the 70 : 20 : 10 model for this purpose. Coacharya, a coaching institution with distinction, builds on this model with a unique proposition.

The Coach to Lead™ Program comprises 6 days of group coaching eligible for Associate Coach Certification (ACC) and 6 coaching sessions. This program was created based on insights from discussions with multinational companies on their talent management needs. A hybrid of group and individual coaching, this blended approach is focused on enhancing leadership skills.


Process for Leadership Development

Our process blends 3 coaching activities:

  1. Group sessions where executives are taught to lead by coaching developing them into powerful, internal mentor coaches
  2. Coaching executives individually and in small groups to embed coached leadership inputs in their behavior.
  3. Group coaching leads to more effective group and organizational alignment for the individual, while the individual coaching addresses specific behavioral and life issues.

This effectively transcends all 3 stages of the 70 : 20 : 10 model:

  1. Coacharya’s proprietary process of coaching combines evidence-based psychological models with a right-brained, holistic and emotionally intelligent client-centered approach.
  2. The process integrates the client’s experiential learning with their value-based self-discovery, resulting in ethical leadership orientation.
  3. A one-day focus on self-confidence and awareness expands intra-and-interpersonal interaction capabilities founded on emotional intelligence. As an outcome, mindless behavior is developed — a key determinant in superior decision-making and action.


Program Content

Coacharya: Coach to Lead Program Content

Program Schedule

Coacharya: Coach to Lead Program Schedule
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