Coach Training

Coacharya offers International Coach Federation ("ICF") approved coach training programs leading to ICF credentials. The programs are offered at 3 levels, in line with ICF credentialing. Each program can be customized to align with corporate goals. You can read details about our ACTP program here

Coacharya  has today a substantial credentialed alumni base with over 400 certified coaches trained by us in India within the last 5 years, including over 300 PCCs and 3 MCCs. In addition, we have about 20 professional executive coaches working with us in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We gain momentum globally now as accredited trainers with ICF, EMCC and BCC for their highest level credentials. 

For all programs, Coacharya seeks to achieve 3 objectives: (1) learning the art of coaching; (2) obtaining credentials; (3) discovering oneself in mindlessness. 

Coacharya's relationship with the participant goes beyond its programs. We consider it to be a life-long support system within the Coacharya community. 


Basic coach training

A 60-hour program, with 10 hours of mentor coaching, the Basic coach training program prepares the participant to the ICF Associate Coach Certification ("ACC") level. Participants understand the basic competencies of coaching and the differences between coaching, consulting, counseling, and therapy as behavioral transformational interventions. The program includes a 1-day mindfulness session.

Coacharya helps with acquiring coaching experience hours through peer groups. Coacharya is an Accredited Coaching Training Program (“ACTP") trainer with International Coach Federation (ICF). This entitles participants to apply for ACC, along with other ICF requirements of experiential coaching hours. Please visit the ICF web site for details on credentialing.

The Basic program is ideal for young professional with a 1-5 years of experience and graduate students.

Professional coach training

This advanced 125-hour coach training program that can be completed independently or as a continuation of the Basic program (with an additional 65-hours). Participants qualify for the ICF Professional Coach Certification ("PCC") level.  

Participants learn to develop their own processes and models, go into deeper experiential learning of coaching competencies, and work on practical business oriented assignments such as coaching models, business models, and marketing approaches. This program includes 10-hours of mentor coaching. Participants can apply for ICF PCC credentials based on Coacharya certification through the portfolio route.  Please visit the ICF web site for details on credentialing.

The Professional program is meant for executives and professionals with substantial corporate experience, employees who could use coach training at their workplace, and entrepreneurs who plan to branch out on their own using coaching as their business objective.

Master coach training

At the Master level coach training program the participant trains for the ICF Master Coach Certification ("MCC") level though a 65-hour training program. This includes 10 hours of mentoring through a MCC coach.

This program focuses on developing coaching application of the various competencies at a mindless level, in complete convergence with the client, with the client leading all the time. The statement, 'I did this all by myself' is the highest compliment a client can pay a coach.

The Master program is meant for the serious coach on a learning journey to seek mastery of the art and science of coaching, beyond its mere commercial application.

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