Executive Coaching

All coaching, so goes the cliché, becomes life coaching after a few sessions. True, good coaching focuses on the individual and not on positions and expertise. Good coaches free themselves from the restrictions of domain expertise and experience. 

We, at Coacharya believe we can add our best value to the executive coaching landscape by working with the interface of organizations and their associates. Therefore, we focus on professionals and executives who relate to institutions, rather than seeking individuals to coach. Learn more about Coacharya's various approaches to executive and professional coaching below.

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Individual or One-to-One Coaching

In this classic executive coaching approach, we work with clients on site, or at our offices, or by telephone or Skype. Sessions range from a minimum of 1 - 2 hours, over 8 - 12 sessions, typically on a monthly frequency. The majority of coaching issues we handle fall under the categories of:

  • Leadership development for high potential managers
  • Performance effectiveness
  • Transitioning to next level roles
  • On boarding new recruits
  • Strategic view development for C-Suite executives
  • Behavioral transformation

Coacharya's executive coaching philosophy adheres to complete confidentiality with respect to the client and organization, placing the client's interest above that of the organization, and always seeking to align the client to the organization. 


Blended Individual and Team Coaching 

Over the years, we have discovered in the absence of complete value alignment between the individual ("client") and the sponsoring organization ("employer"), the client develops beyond the values systems of the employer and seeks more comfortable pastures. This inevitably results in attrition.

To avoid this, we recommend that organizations coach individuals within similar interest groups. A larger team objective for the group enables team alignment and organizational alignment with the individual. In addition, team coaching costs less to the sponsor. 

We have worked with groups of 6 to 10, over a journey of 12 sessions, alternating between individual and team sessions. Typically team sessions last 3 to 4 hours. Organizations set teams with either project goals or functional goals. Teams can be functional or cross functional. 

In all organizational coaching, whether at the individual or team level, Coacharya ensures the involvement of stakeholders in the organization with the individual through feedback and feed forward sessions. We use psychometric tests, to help both the coach and client identify areas of focus.

Case 1

During a one-to-one executive coaching assignment, Coacharya worked with a senior executive at the Chief Operating Officer ("COO") -level being considered for promotion to Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"). Board members found the operating skills of the COO excellent, but wanted him to improve his people management skills. While the company's HR professionals diagnosed the problem as aggressive behavior, the coaching process revealed the underlying issues to be based on insecurity, and a need to prove himself. With support from stakeholders in the company, the COO demonstrably improved in his people management skills. 

Case 2

A business manager of a sizable profit center developed problems with her new team. Team members accused her of emotional outbursts, while the manager looked at the team as unwilling to cooperate. Coacharya blended three sessions with the manager along with her team, and six sessions individually. The manager now operates successfully with a team dedicated to co-created goals.


Group Coaching 

Coacharya conducts group-coaching sessions, both organizationally and for groups from diverse work backgrounds:

  • Work-life balance 
  • Mindlessness 
  • Emotional management
  • Life planning 
  • Vision to action planning
  • Mind-body-spirit wellness

Varying from 2 days to 1 week, these coaching programs emphasize the practical experiential aspect of applying mindlessness and awareness to the day-to-day rigors of work and play.


Coaching for Credentials

Coacharya conducts group training in coaching competencies, from the basic to master levels through programs approved by regulatory bodies such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) [1]

While following the competencies as laid down by these credentialing institutions, Coacharya also focuses on self-awareness and development of the individual using mindless practices that meld the individual with the collective consciousness. 

Please visit the ICF web site for details on credentialing


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[1] Source: ICF (International Coach Federation). www.coachfederation.org