Group to Team™ 

Organizations often work in silos resulting in employees that form groups, not teams, with weak leadership. 

Groups of people rarely exhibit commitment to a common cause and develop an emotional bond. When this happens, groups morph into teams. The power of teams magnifies the individual effort and input, unlike groups where behavior can be divisive and detrimental to the organization.

Simple to grasp, yet most companies struggle with this transformation of groups to teams. The answer lies in emotional bonding.  

Coacharya conducts 1-or 2-day sessions depending on group size and organizational intent with the intent to transform groups into teams using a mindless approach. 

In this program, we focus on the first stage of the SPEED process, taking it deeper at both self-awareness and collective awareness levels, using coaching intervention through powerful mindful processes.

In a process similar to a behavioral lab setting, group members share experiences and issues with the common agreement to nurture each other.  The outcome, the emergence of an emotionally bonded team from a disparate group, energizes the organization.