Coacharya is a movement whose time has come.



The unconscious mind no longer has the Freudian negative connotation. The Collective Unconscious [1]  of Jung resonates with the concept of Cosmic Consciousness from the East. In the coaching process, master coaches refer to this energy beyond mind body consciousness in several ways: awareness, insights, presence, transformation, and release from limiting beliefs. Coaching happens when the coach and client commune in consciousness, beyond communication. Coaching works when it transcends into a dance of energy, beyond dialogue, when it turns mindless.

Coacharya’s 3A Model builds on this concept. It helps the client move from the unknowing unconscious to the all-knowing unconscious, from incompetent disability to competent mastery in a harmonious flow.



The word ‘Coacharya’ combines the best characteristics of a Coach, one who inspires a client to maximize potential holistically, with that of the Acharya, a Sanskrit word for a guide who walks with the client without judgment.

Coacharya's vision transcends cultures. We envision the enhancement of executive leadership potential through a transformational coaching process.

Coacharya’s vision blends the inspiring skill of the master coach with the artistry of the non-judgmental guide, the acharya, who walks alongside.



Coacharya’s mission of talent development focuses on leading through the Self, Others and The Organization. 

  • Self: adaptability, awareness, drive, ethics, integrity, learning, management, purpose, and stature
  • Others: communication, developing, managing differences, relationships, and team building
  • Organization: bias for action, business skills, change, culture, decision-making, innovation, people, risk, strategy, tasks, and vision

We implement this mission through multi-tiered programs for executives in transition, identified as high potential, or needing behavioral correction.


Etymology of our brand — Coach + Acharya

Definition: coach [2]

  • Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Definition: achar·ya  \arˈchär-yə\  noun

  • A teacher
  • An illustrious or learned person
  • One who teaches by conduct (example), i.e. an exemplar

[2] Source: ICF (International Coach Federation).