Coacharya Advanced™

We offer the Coacharya Advanced™ program as an International Coach Federation (“ICF”) Approved  Coach Specific Training Hours (“ACSTH”) coach credential program leading to ICF Associate Certified  Coach (“ACC”) and Professional Certified Coach (“PCC”) credentials.

Program Objectives

The Coacharya Advanced™ program fulfills ICF’s ACC and PCC credentials requirements. One of few fully PCC-credentialed programs delivered by a mentor coach, Coacharya Advanced™ blends Eastern spirituality with Western psychology and focuses on individual leadership development in work and life, through:

  • Creation of self-awareness
  • Self and social emotional mastery
  • People orientation, and 
  • Excellence in communication

This program for Young Leaders is geared toward graduate students in the fields of business, law,  medicine, psychology, and relevant fields where training in the coaching process enhances one’s  communication, influencing and leadership capabilities. Typically, participants from this group would begin  by working towards their ACC credential.

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Program Content

Coacharya Advanced™ builds in details of all ICF coaching competencies while incorporating elements  of:

  • Yoga and meditation techniques for awareness
  • Advanced concepts of mindlessness for awareness and presence
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for reframing leading to awareness and action
  • Appreciative Inquiry for communication and actions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for reframing, awareness and action

Program Outline

  1. Foundations of Coaching: 10 Classroom/teleclass hours
  2. Deeper Into Awareness: 12 Classroom/teleclass hours 
  3. Learning From Masters 1: 10 classroom/teleclass hours - 4 Self Study hours
  4. Learning From Masters 2: 10 classroom/teleclass hours - 4 Self Study hours
  5. Foundations of Communication: 12 Classroom/teleclass hours
  6. Communication beyond Words: 12 classroom/ teleclass hours 
  7. Advanced Coaching Techniques: 12 Classroom/teleclass hours 
  8. Special Coaching Situations: 12 Classroom/teleclass Hours - 4 Self Study hours 
  9. Blending Coaching Practice & Business: 12 classroom/teleclass hours 
  10. Assignment: Coaching & Business Model with trial web page - 13 Hours 
  11. Peer Coaching: 60 Hours with 10 clients

The Approach

Coacharya conducts this program via face-to-face, online or a hybrid of both for 9 - 10 hours/day over 6 - 14 days, over 3 - 6 months. This rigor is required for ACC and PCC credential training as stipulated by ICF. 

All daily sessions include 6-hours spent on interactive discussion of concepts and coaching applications relating to ICF competencies. Of this, 50% of material is based on slide content presented by the facilitator. The balance includes Q & A, discussion on books, videos, role-play, and case studies. The remaining 4-hours are spent on Observed (mentored) Coaching in dyads, triads, and fishbowl formats.

Some of the Observed Coaching sessions will be conducted via live telecasts to familiarize students with telephonic/audio coaching. Observed Coaching involves a coach and client interaction, observed by rest of the group, who then comment based on a checklist of ICF competencies. Typically, these sessions are 20-minute dyads in a fish bowl setup. We structure these sessions based on issues from live and relevant disciplines faced by participants.

Requirements for ICF Coach Credentials

The Coacharya Advanced™ program fulfills ICF credential requirements of 125-hours for PCC and 60-hours for ACC. Upon successful fulfillment of such hours, including mentor coaching and assignments, participants can apply for credentials through the portfolio route. This involves:

  1. Submitting a log of experiential coaching hours, 
  2. Undergoing a written ICF administered online test, and
  3. Submitting 2 coaching conversation recordings to ICF.

Duration: A minimum of: 3 months for ACC and 6 months for PCC.

Facilitators: Coaches with ICF PCC credentials conduct all programs.

Program Outcomes/Benefits:

Tremendous learning happens for young aspiring professionals in their leadership journey. The focus is on transformational change even within this limited time. The journey rather than an outcome is emphasized. Client focus is paramount. As observed coaching sessions progress, observations become increasingly insightful. The program offers great value in developing emotional intelligence and leadership skills, and prepares participants towards a successful, corporate leadership career.